What kind of ‘mulch’ do I need?
The word ‘mulch’ is an industry term that describes any material (usually natural or organic) that is used in plant beds.  In the past, the word ‘mulch’ was just associated with ‘shredded cypress mulch’ but today it can mean most any product on the market.  When ordering, you need to be specific as to what type of ‘mulch’ you desire; i.e. mini or large pine bark, cypress, red decorator, pine chips, etc.  If you have purchased from us before, we will have a record of the product you have used.

How much mulch do I need?
There is no ‘standard’ or ‘regular’ sized plant bed or area.  Simply take a measurement (length X width) of the area(s) you want to cover and determine the depth you desire.  A cubic yard will cover an area of about 100 sq ft at the recommended depth of 3 inches.  A calculator has been provided to assist you in determining your mulch needs for bulk or bagged products.

When should I mulch?
Remember, mulch keeps your plant roots warm in the winter and cool in the summer so it is best to mulch in the spring and fall.

Do I need to clean my flower beds before I mulch?
Not necessarily. Make sure all the weeds and any debris is cleared out of your beds but existing mulch can be a nice base for the fresh product to be installed.

What is the recommended depth I should mulch?
An industry standard is at least 3” of coverage which will give you a good thick barrier for your plants.

What about delivery?
You have a busy schedule and your time is important. There is nothing worse than waiting all morning or afternoon for a delivery. All deliveries are scheduled by the hour at the time you desire.  This allows you to have it delivered when it is convenient for you.

Is there a minimum for delivery and is there a delivery charge?
Yes. It is 3 cubic yards of any product, bulk or bagged.  A non-taxable delivery charge is added to each order.  The charge is predicated on distance traveled.  Please call one of our sales associates at 407- 381-3811 (Orlando) or  407- 299-3366 (Apopka) and they will gladly assist you.

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